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Pig feed evaluation made easy

EvaPig® is a calculator of energy, amino acid and phosphorus values of ingredients and diets for growing and adult pigs.

  • EvaPig® includes the chemical composition and nutritive values for the pig of about 220 reference raw materials, feed-grade amino acids and around 20 minerals coming mostly from INRAE-CIRAD-AFZ tables.

  • You can create new ingredients either by copying and modifying the reference ingredients, or by using your own data.

  • You can also create complete diets either by mixing ingredients or by providing their chemical composition.

  • EvaPig® use specific and generic equations to calculate energy, amino acid and phosphorus values.

  • EvaPig® can, for educational purposes, create charts to compare compounds feeds..

  • INRAE (French National Institute for Agricultural Research)
  • AFZ (French Association of Zootechnie)
  • EvaPig® was created, designed and developed by INRAE (French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment Research), METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION and AFZ (French Association of Zootechnie).

Nutritional Concepts

EvaPig® integrates the most advanced nutritional knowledge to provide you the best evaluation for your pig feeds. Nutritional concepts, such as net energy system, standardized amino acid digestibility and phosphorus digestibility are prerequisite to formulate the most accurate feed for your animals.

Discover these concepts with an explanation on how EvaPig® integrates them and how you can use them to adapt the tool to your own context.

Net Energy

Research has shown that the net energy is the best estimator the true energy for swine complete feeds as DE and ME underestimate the energy value of feeds rich in fat and starch and overestimate those rich in protein.

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Standardised digestible
amino acids

Feed-grade amino acids or amino acids supplied through dietary proteins are digested and absorbed by the animal’s digestive tract in very varying degrees. That is why EvaPig propose standardized ileal digestibility values.

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Digestible phosphorus

EvaPig® includes digestible phosphorus values for mashed and pelleted feeds and take into account the addition of phytase in completed feeds.

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Download EvaPig® for free!

Minimize feed costs, nitrogen and phosphorus excretion, control the variability of your pig feeds and adapt them to your context by simply using EvaPig® for free!

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Download version (June 14, 2021) for Microsoft® Windows™ 7 and Windows™ 10.

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